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Office Hours: TBD


Duties: 主持所有SGA全体会议, 每周安排两个办公时间, 每月与波德尔总统会面, 每周至少参加一次常务委员会, 代表马萨诸塞湾.



Duties: To facilitate communication between the Board of Trustees and the SGA, attend the Board of Trustees meetings (voting) and the full SGA meetings (non-voting), 代表马萨诸塞湾.

罗南·基恩(Ronan Keane),学术事务副总裁

Office Hours: TBD


Duties: To chair, 招募和发展会员, and hold a weekly meeting for the Academic Affairs Committee, 每周至少安排两个办公时间, meet with the 澳门新葡新京在线 chief academic officer monthly, 解决学生的学业问题.

Hometown: Needham, Ma

Major: Communications

Clubs/Interests: I am in the 澳门新葡新京在线 Podcast Club, Intramural Basketball, and SGA. 我喜欢冲浪、跑步和健身. 

Why I joined SGA: I believe the work SGA does is essential and meaningful. I am truly honored to be able to represent my peers and work with others to create effective change. 通过这个位置, I want to increase school pride and change the public perception of what a 澳门新葡新京在线 student is; a highly motivated, future-oriented, serious student. 

Adrian Gilbert Miller | Vice President of Student Affairs

Office Hours: TBD
Duties:To chair, 招募和发展会员, and hold a weekly meeting for the Student Affairs Committee, 每周至少安排两个办公时间, 每月与麻省湾学院的教务长会面, 并解决学生的非学术问题.

Hometown: Boston, MA

Major: 通识及科学 (With the hopes of pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering or Biomedical Medical)

Clubs/Interests: Stem Club, STEM Mentor Program, LEAD Program, Engineering Club, Student of Color

Fun Fact: I love listening: I love  listening To All Types of Music Genres, video games, 和做运动(足球), Basketball)

Why I joined SGA: I decided to join SGA because I wanted to be the voice that the students can depend on. 我想帮助改善学生的澳门新葡新京在线. I want to make school more welcoming and fun for all students. I’m a great listener and take accountability for the faults of others. I wanted to be the direct connection between students and SGA

Francesco Viscomi |财务副总裁

Office Hours: TBD


Duties: To chair, 招募和发展会员, 并为财务委员会举行每周会议, 每周至少安排两个办公时间, 维护SGA的财务记录, facilitate conversation about funding and the SGA budget, 每月与SGA顾问会面, and keep track of all finance-related activity in the SGA.

Hometown: 马萨诸塞州沃尔瑟姆

Major: 工商管理(会计)

Clubs: SGA

Interests: 读书、健身、烘焙

Fun fact: I am a triplet

Why I joined SGA: I joined SGA to get involved in the school and to make new friends. I always knew it would benefit me socially and academically to get involved in school and I knew SGA would be perfect because I love to talk to and meet new people. It wasn't until my second semester that I saw a position matching the field of my major that I decided to go all in with SGA and Finance. I didn't expect to be as immersed in SGA and the school as much as I am now. I am happy to be able to help student and faculty by being a resource for all. Looking ahead, I hope more students are open to joining SGA so that we have a strong voice for our student body.


Office Hours: TBD


Duties: Attend SGA meetings, 每周安排一个办公时间, 参加每周的活动委员会会议, and listen to the concerns and thoughts of the student body.

Hometown: 马萨诸塞州Wrentham

Major: Psychology

Clubs/Interests: 澳门新葡新京在线 Games Club, Creative Writing Club, LEAD Program, and the SGA. In my free time, 我喜欢和朋友们在一起, 做饭和喝茶, 看电影/节目和读书, creative writing, listening to music, 经常光顾旧货店和咖啡馆.

Why I joined SGA: I joined SGA to participate in the planning of activities and events on campus and to advocate for equality and proactive change. I know that many of my peers go to their classes and leave, but I strongly believe there is so much to be gained from joining in all of what 澳门新葡新京在线 has to offer. 我们是这个紧密组织的一部分, accepting community, and I think we all have the potential to make a positive difference. My responsibility is to assist people in making their voices heard, 所以不管什么时候,请随时联系我!


Office Hours: TBD


Hometown: Medfield, MA

Major: 工商管理

Why I joined SGA: I joined SGA mainly because 澳门新葡新京在线 has taught me a lot about myself as a student. As a student, I take pride in every academic endeavor I set. To be successful, you have to be determined and more extroverted. Being the person I am with a good sense of humor and academic ambition, my goal to bring to the table the 学生会总会(SGA) is a recipe for success for the 澳门新葡新京在线 Community and the students. From my perception. A student that may or may not be struggling in the community and cannot navigate for themselves and speak up for themselves should not have to feel they're alone. What I know that can benefit other students and the community is to provide better resources for every student and their success at 澳门新葡新京在线.

Joel Yate | Senator

Office Hours: TBD


Hometown: 阿比让(科特迪瓦)

Major: Computer Science

俱乐部及兴趣: 国际学生 Club, Students of Color, LEAD Program, Music, Technology, Psychology

Fun fact: Perfectionist

Why I joined SGA: I joined the SGA to find solutions to community problems.

Khin Zun | Senator

Office Hours: TBD