学生 apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA and designating 澳门新葡新京在线 as a school to receive it. 如果需要额外的文件, 学生必须尽快回应这些要求.


一旦你的经济援助文件完成,你的申请被审查, 您将在邮件和澳门新葡新京在线的电子邮件中收到一封奖励信. 获奖信将于4月开始邮寄.

Why does the FAFSA say that I have to include my parent(s) information if I support myself?

The federal definition of an independent student is very specific and does not necessarily mean that the parent(s) are supporting the student. 然而, the federal 政府ernment feels that it is the parent(s') responsibility to assist their children in paying for their education. To the extent that parent(s) are unable to assist, financial aid is available to help out. 在经济援助方面,学生被认为是“独立的”, 如符合下列任何一项标准:

  • 24岁.
  • 目前已婚.
  • 是孤儿还是法庭的监护人.
  • 是退伍军人.
  • 受养人是否有一半以上的经济资助来自该学生.
  • 是一名研究生.
  • 是被解放的未成年人吗.
  • 现在或曾经处于法定监护之下.
  • 无家可归(详情见FAFSA)

学生 who do not meet these criteria must provide their parent(s) information on the application. An appeal process is available for the student with extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for the student to obtain their parent(s)' information. Examples of extenuating circumstances are listed on the Dependency Status Review Form which can be found on our forms section of the website.


If you (and your family) have an unusual circumstances that might affect your financial situation, 通知财务援助办公室. 在某些情况下, the financial aid office may decide to take these unusual circumstances into account and adjust your cost of attendance or the information used to calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). You’ll be asked to complete a special circumstance form and provide our office with adequate documentation to support any unusual circumstances.


  • 小学或中学的学费
  • 不属于保险范围的特殊医疗或牙科费用
  • 最近失业的家庭成员
  • 收入或资产的变化可能会影响你获得经济援助的资格



我收到一封信,说我没有资格申请MASSGrant, 这是否意味着我没有资格获得经济援助?

不一定. 澳门新葡新京在线’s financial aid eligibility criteria are different from the criteria to qualify for the MASSGrant. 如果你被拒绝了MASSGrant,你仍然有资格申请我们的其他援助项目.

如果我从大学退学怎么办? 我还能保留我的助学金吗?

如果你去上课, 你有权保留一部分助学金, 根据你正式退出的日期. 完成正式的退出程序是非常重要的. A federally mandated calculation is done to determine how much of the financial aid you can keep. Basically, you earn a percentage of your financial aid for each day you attend classes. 例如,如果你参加了30%的学期,你可以保留30%的经济援助. 学生 who receive state grants or tuition waivers may be able to keep enough grant or waiver just to cover the costs of their tuition and fee charges. Once you attend 60% of the semester, you are considered to have earned 100% of your financial aid. If you receive a financial aid refund check and withdraw before earning 100% of your financial aid, 你可能会被要求退还其中的一些资金. 更多信息可在财政援助办公室.


《澳门新葡京手机版》是由美国国务院学生资助办公室发给你的.S. 教育部的联邦申请处理员. If you provided an email address on the FAFSA, then it was emailed, otherwise it was mailed. 它有重要的信息,你应该回顾一下.
检查你提供的所有数据,确保它是准确的. 如果你发现错误,你可以在 www.fafsa.政府.
Check on the last section and be sure you see 澳门新葡新京在线 Community College listed as one of the schools that received your information.
澳门新葡新京在线 encourages students and parents to use the IRS Data Retrieval tool as the fastest and most accurate means of providing tax information. If you did not initially use IRS Data Retrieval you may be able to make a correction and utilize the tool.
The federal processor matches some of your personal information with other federal agencies to verify that you have met certain eligibility requirements. If there is a mismatch you will be required to submit additional documentation to the Financial Aid Office. It is important to respond to all requests for additional information in a timely manner.




是的,书店有免税额. 如果你的经济援助是在学期开始前至少一周发放的, 并且你的联邦财政援助资金超过了你的学杂费, 当您的书店零用钱准备好时,澳门新葡新京在线也会通过电子邮件通知您. 学生 who are using student loans toward their books must complete all loan requirements prior to being issued an allowance. 如果你选择不使用提供给你的津贴, 这些资金将在学期晚些时候退还给你. Please contact the Student Accounts Office to authorize a bookstore voucher to be created.


一旦你完成FAFSA, the Financial Aid Office reviews your application to determine if additional documents are necessary. 如果需要更多的信息, we must wait until you respond to this request before we can continue working on your file. 一旦你的文件完成, 这取决于一年中的时间, 你可能需要几周的时间才能收到获奖信. Although you can submit your FAFSA as early as October preceding the next fall semester, 财政援助办公室将于3月份开始审核申请. 整个过程需要12-16周,这并不罕见.

I received a letter stating that I am on Financial Aid Suspension - What does this mean?

学生 are placed on suspension if they are not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. Academic records are reviewed at least annually to ensure students meet these standards. 学生 who are suspended do not qualify for financial aid but may regain eligibility by either submitting an appeal or paying out-of-pocket until the meet the standards.


你可以在 www.nslds.ed.政府. 您必须使用您的FSA用户ID登录. A list of your loans will appear and you can access your loan servicer information by clicking the loan number on the left.

If my financial aid exceeds my tuition and fee charges when will a refund check be available?

Refund checks for students with a credit balance are generally available in late October for the Fall semester, 春季学期三月中旬开学, 夏季学期在七月中旬. 学生会计办公室将把你的支票邮寄到你存档的地址. 如果您想查看是否已生成退款支票, 请登录湾导航器并查看您的帐户活动. 如果你的信用余额是学生贷款的结果, 所有所需的贷款文件必须在退款支票发出之前完成.


Your financial aid award is based on a number of factors including but not limited to: the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from your FAFSA, 您计划注册的学分数, 你的依赖状况, 以及您是否在我们的优先申请日之前提出申请.


Financial aid funds are generally credited to students’ 澳门新葡新京在线 accounts around 45 calendar days into each semester and weekly thereafter.


虽然某些援助项目有自己的标准, students generally maintain their eligibility by filing their FAFSA on time each academic year, 达到满意的学术进步标准.